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Before you use any plant or equipment on site it is vital that it is inspected and any faults found are reported according to the protocol of the company for whom you are working - usually this would be to your site supervisor or manager. 

There should be daily or weekly inspection reports on which to record the findings.

Your equipment and plant checks should cover the following areas:-

  • The condition of the vehicle must be satisfactory, doors, guards, windows, mirrors, etc.
  • The wheels must be inspected to ensure that they are secured to the machine and the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and are not damaged i.e. bad cuts or nailed.
  • The electrical equipment that has been fitted should all work, i.e. lights, indicators, wipers, horns, reversing warning bleeper, etc. (A flashing amber light must be fitted to any vehicle that is to travel on a dual carriageway if its speed is less than 28 mph).
  • The brakes must be in good working order. The hand brake must work and can be tested by trying to pull away or on an incline. Should brakes fail in any way the machine should be taken out of service until repairs have been carried out.
  • Hydraulics should be tested to ensure that they are working correctly, first check for oil leaks by inspection of the system and pipes. (NB: no steel braid should show on any pipe).  If check valves are fitted to the machine they should be tested regularly.  This should be carried out in a safe area away from the works.  The machine should be extended to the maximum and the engine cut off, the machine must not then move.  Should there be any movement, the valves are not operating correctly and the machine must be taken out of service.
  • Operators of plant should also have access to the machine's Manual / Handbook for information on how to maintain the vehicle.

DO NOT use any plant or equpment that is deemed to be in an unsafe condition



FLT Checklist Sample

More information can be found here

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