Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us at Ebbsfleet Engineering Services.  

We are constantly looking for ways that we can improve and enhance the service we provide to our customers.

To assist us in doing this, we would very much appreciate it if you would take a moment to complete the quick satisfaction survey below, giving consideration to the works we have recently completed for you. 

All questions are optional (choose "prefer not to answer"), and maybe submitted anonymously if preferred.

For simplicity, we are using the scale of 1 to 5, with 1 Star being Poor or Extremely Dissatisfied and 5 Star indicating Excellent or Extremely Satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Project / Works being reviewed?:

    1) How well did we meet your requirements and expectations?

    2) How satisfied were you with the quality of works undertaken?

    3) How safely do you feel works were undertaken?

    4) How did you find our site personnel in terms of attitude, flexibility and helpfulness?

    5) How have our office team performed for you in terms of responsiveness, helpfulness, flexibility?

    6) How satisfied were you with how well we kept you informed?

    7) Would you consider using EES again?

    8) Would you recommend EES to others?

    9) Do you have any suggestions as how we can improve our service to you?

    10) And finally, Is there anything else you'd like to tell us - especially if we scored particularly highly or low anywhere above?

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    Thank you! 

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