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Case studies for a few of our completed projects can be found on the PDF links below:

BHS - Bulk Handling Systems - Installation of Single Stream Recycling System and Refuse Derived Fuel System ** NEW ** 
At: SUEZ, Aberdeen, UK

Shanks Waste Management : Dismantling and decommissioning of MBT plant and associated  building works
At: Shanks Waste Management, Essex, UK

BHS - Bulk Handling Systems : Installation of Single Stream Recycling System and Nihot Glass Clean- Up System 
At: Ward Recycling, Teesside, UK

BHS - Bulk Handling Systems :  Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF )
At: Sita UK, Avonmouth, Bristol, UK

Komptech Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutschland mbH : (Now WTT Germany / WTT B.V.)
Installation of Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant ( MBT ),
At: Veolia Environmental Services, Southwark,  London, UK

Smulders Waste Technology B.V. : Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF ),
At: Ballast Phoenix,Tilbury Docks, UK

Machinex Industries Inc. : Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF )
At: Cory Environmental, Wandsworth, London, UK

New Earth Solutions : Installation of In-Vessel Rotary Drum Composting System
At: New Earth Solutions, Canford, Dorset, UK

OKLM Recycling Technology : Installation of Full Materials Recycling Facility (MRF),
At: Sleekburn, UK

CP Manufacturing inc. :  Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF ),
At: Greenstar Atlas (now Biffa) Edmonton, London, UK

Bioganix Composting Ltd: Installation of 4 off In-Vessel Rotary Drum Composting System,
At: Suffolk, UK

BHS Single Stream System
Trommel Megalift
MRF installation
Trommel Megalift Okay

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