Satisfaction….. Are you getting enough??

Providing an excellent, safe, value for money service is, and has always been, a priority to us, but it's not something that we've formally monitored.... until now! 

Historically, we have used indicators such as the number of return clients, word of mouth recommendations, testimonials, project progress monitoring, and obviously speaking with our customers throughout their project(s) to let us know how we were doing.

So, to further improve these measures we have this week  introduced a customer satisfaction survey which will be sent to each customer following the completion of their works.  

Keeping in mind that time is always at a premium we have kept it brief.  Just 10 quick, tick box questions, covering aspects such as quality of works, safety,  how well we met expectations and our personnel.  All questions are optional, and can be submitted anonymously if preferred.

Responses once received will be analysed and used to identify where we can make tweaks, improvements or changes in order to ensure that we are, or continue to be your first choice supplier.

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